About Arnolfo Borsacchi and Shared Listening

Shared Listening it’s a project by Arnolfo Borsacchi

Training teacher at Audiation Institute (IT) and Training and pedagogic director at IEGAM (Instituto Edwin E. Gordon de Aprendizagem Musical – São Paulo – Brazil)

(Audiation Institute – Association who provides Training in Edwin Gordon’s Music Learning Theory)

Music teacher, musician, jazz sax player with Tritticotrio and singer of the vocal quartet for babies “Quarteto Gordon“, writer and composer.

He has been training teacher atAIGAM (2005-2013) and teacher of the AIGAM national course (2006-2013), teacher into the workshops for AIGAM teachers and into the MLT Formal Instruction cours (2011 and 2012)

In Brazil he divulgates the Edwin Gordon’s Music Learning Theory since 2000, organizing workshops and concerts for babies and children.


Arnolfo lives in Florence, Italy