Shared Listening Pathways: Discovering music with children

140_0_2694334_74288The Shared Listening project and site arises to promote a culture of shared listening of music between children and adults.

Listen to music together means discovering and giving meaning to the wonderful expressive language of music, which is the heritage of all human cultures of all times.

Listening is not a passive action but the first real experience of discovering music, from prenatal life: listen to music involves body, mind, senses and emotions.

Sharing the music experience with the child, while listening together has an extraordinary educational and emotional preciousness.

Shared Listening is also a small record label that publishes music for children

We have created, for iOs systems, the App Let’s Listen (“Ascoltiamo”, in Italian and “OuviMúsica” in Portuguese) to help adults, teachers and caregivers, to propose and share their children and students experiences of music listening.