About shared listening with children

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Researches and reflections on music learning showed and demonstrated the importance of some specific events that enable humans to learn the music language.

We know that music learning is based on musical aptitude. The musical aptitude, however, is just a learning potential: this potential needs experience to turn itself into real learning and into the set of skills that Prof. Edwin E. Gordon calls “Audiation”.

The experiences that enable this learning path are, mostly, music listening ones.

Listen, however, does not coincide with the simple act of hearing.

“Listening” is an active action that allows to give proper meanings to what we are listening.

And this is possible, for the child, only in the presence of a group consisting peer children or adults, who are listening together, showing an informal and instinctive repertoire of senses attributed to the object of listening

Listen together is, therefore, the first tool through which a child can discover and learn music, since her intrauterine life.

Listen together to the beauty that music has produced in history and cultures.